Perfect Concept Construction LLC
Perfect Concept Construction provides complete construction services for northern Illinois. We have helped customers bring their vision to life for over four decades. Our experienced, expert craftsmanship and attention to detail in every area ensure that your project will meet your highest satisfaction.

Whether you want to restore a vintage home, or if you want to install new windows or kitchen cabinets, we are in your neighborhood and your budget.

We cover every step. From design to decoration, we offer complete construction services. We are experts in our trades, and we know local regulations and requirements, too. We serve communities throughout Lake, Cook, and McHenry Counties.

Passing inspection isn’t enough. When you upgrade your home, you want to love your space. When you invest in your home, you want to see a return. Meeting modern building codes can be beautiful, and it can save you money over time. Proper insulation, new wiring or pipe, and new windows are just a few examples where we will exceed your expectations.